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Thanal managed by Daya Rehabilitation Trust, presently runs such socially benevolent initiatives like Thanal Destitute Homes for male and female, Thanal Dialysis Centers, Thanal Polyclinic,Thanal Schools for Differently Abled, Thanal Pain and Palliative Care Centres, Thanal Physiotherapy Centre, Thanal Speech Therapy Centre, Thanal HIV Centre, Thanal Sugar Free Clinic,Thanal Psychiatry Clinics, Thanal Orphan Educational Services, Thanal Free Food Kit Distribution, Thanal Mobile Medical Clinics, Thanal Ambulance Services etc which are offered out of charity for the welfare of the poor and underprivileged.

The giant tree of Thanal today with its branches spread across north Kerala, Kudagu in Karnataka and Mahe in Pondicherry is extending fruitful services through Standalone Community Dialysis Centers, Destitute Homes, Pain & Palliative Care Centers, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centers, Schools for Differently Abled Children, Early Intervention Centers, Diabetes Clinic, Psychiatry Clinic, Physiotherapy Clinic, Speech Therapy Clinic, Polyclinic and various others.


News And Events

  Free Covid Vaccination Drive


Free Covid Vaccination Drive

Free Covid Vaccination Drive was organized for BPL & Underprivileged on 20-Jun-2021


28/02/2020, 29/02/2020 and 01/03/20


Limitless Celebration

  തണൽ ജനകീയ വിഭവ സമാഹരണം

11/04/2020 and 12/04/2020

തണൽ ജനകീയ വിഭവ സമാഹരണം

തണൽ ഡയാലിസിസ് നിധി ജനകീയ വിഭവ സമാഹരണ


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