Spring blooms on the earth when humans join hands for their fellow beings...

THANAL accomplished noble ends in philanthropic service and thus carved a niche for itself by assuaging the pains and distress of the destitute and orphaned people with unparalleled support gifted by the public around. It’s their wholehearted association that realized the name THANAL and its humanitarian vision. The shades cast by the green foliage of THANAL made a home of warmth and comfort for the deserving human lives irrespective of the boundaries of caste, religion, nationality and all other parameters of social distinction. Serving humanity since 2008, THANAL, in the name of innumerable kind-hearted well-wishers who extended their remarkable association to nurture the service growth of the charitable movement, has been giving a great deal of colour to thousands of struggling lives. The only time-hallowed asset of THANAL is made up of valuable advice, suggestions and heartfelt consideration.

In the busy arena, charity shouldn’t be complicated. We have 152 centres spread across India engaged in a multitude of philanthropic activities.

Thanal provides lifeline to 5000 patients in our 55 dialysis centres, 750 Destitute in 13 shelter homes, 1250 patients in 6 Palliative Care Centres and 1500 differently abled children at our 15 Early Intervention Centres. Our Orphan Education Scheme gives knowledge access to many underprivileged students and about 1200 mentally challenged people undergo treatment at our 6 Community Psychiatry Centres. Thanal Homes provides shelter to around 1000 people and we bring relief to more than 100 patients at our HIV Centre and 50 patients at a time in our 3 Paraplegia Centres. Thanal Pharmacy, having 10 outlets gives high quality medicines at the lowest price and our Micro Learning Centres provide education to around 1500 underprivileged children in rural India. During the COVID pandemic in 2019-21, Thanal has treated more than 10000 patients in its six centres on a war footing. Thanal Kitchen offers 30000 free meals a day for the poor and our Kidney Care & Research Centre helps hundreds of the general public. We have already completed hundreds of drinking water projects in India, which caters so many families in many states.

THANAL acknowledges gratefully the helping hands of all benignant selves whose glorified associations coupled with benevolent contribution have benefitted the philanthropic move considerably. The auspicious blessings of the Almighty have paved the way for its modest acts of social goodness. And THANAL loves to believe all the time, “not on our merits but on His Grace" and "charity is not generosity but it is our duty”. With Thanal donations, the rewards for charity are literally at your fingertip!

"Let’s journey together to fulfill this noble vision.
Let’s envision the brighter days to come."


Mission and vision

“Create an environment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

A place to call home, not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

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