Thanal at Banglore has been operational for the last 2 years. In Bangalore we support 200 dialysis per month for needy patients ( mostly BPL holders). We have been instrumental in purchasing 19 dialysis machines and are installed in multiple partner/own centres across Karnataka for dialysis. HBS Hospital, Lakshmi hospital (2 centres), & Bilal trust are our partner centres in association for dialysis.

Thanal Banglore team launched a destitute home project which could house 350+ inmates. A 3.4-acre land has been procured 50 KMs away from Kempegowda international airport for this project. The estimated cost of this project at the first phase is between INR 4 - 5 Crores

Thanal is also one of the core NGO's who was instrumental in the formation of Mercy Mission ( a coalition of NGO's) in bangalore. Through that, we have participated in Covid support activities for the needy in Karnataka. We were one of the key participants in driving the HBS hospital CT Scan machine project. One more project which we are working on with this partnership is a charity Blood bank. The estimated cost of this project at the first phase is INR 60 Lakhs. We organizing Free Covid vaccination for underprivileged and 840 vaccination we did free of cost and more camps in the pipeline

We also started "Feed a meal to the Hungry " this year 2021. We are providing 1000 meals and 1500 breakfasts every day for the needy in the Banglore streets.

Mission and vision

“Create an environment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

A place to call home, not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

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