Paraplegia Centre

Thanal runs paraplegia centres at Kannur (Iqra-Thanal Paraplegia Centre) and Kuttikkattoor. An unexpected accident or a misfortune which catches us off guard would blot out the dreams not merely of a person, but of the whole family. Those who are bed-ridden have now only one hope: to stand up all alone and walk without help. Many of them could do that if they are given physiotherapy and auxiliary training. That most of the people whom Thanal gave regular training could walk unaided in three months still motivates us, greatly. The number of people who are paralyzed below their waist and seek our help is too many to even consider. There is no other way before us than expanding our selves by size. Sizeable centers at Kappad in Kozhikode and Kanjirodu at Kannur are under construction. 

Paraplegia Centre

Mission and vision

“Create an environment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

A place to call home, not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

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