Dialysis Centre

Needless to say, chronic kidney diseases (CKD) are the new normal in the world. In our state, CKD has now been considered as being almost akin to cancer, through transplantation is a more life-enhancing and surer option for suffering from kidney diseases. And dialysis centers, which a decade before were few and far between, have mushroomed all over the state in alarming numbers. But to offer dialysis at a consoling rate and at a hopefully large number is a real challenge ahead. 

Thanal Dialysis center is peerless in its performance and a class by itself in its altruistic care value. Under the center are working 14 units in varied places like Vatakara, Arikkulam near Koyilandy, Kallachi near Nadapuram, Chaliyam, Thaliparamba, Chemencheri, Muyipoth, Payyoli, Cheruvathur, Edacheri, and Mahe; equipped with 140 dialysis machines; doing around 4,000 dialysis every month, and benefitting more than 600 underprivileged patients. This is, we proudly claim, the biggest in India and, we hopefully offer, will increase in future not too distant. 

Thanal sort out people on the basis of their financial capacity and offer dialysis either gratis or at a reduced cost.

Dialysis Centre

Mission and vision

“Create an environment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

A place to call home, not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

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