Serve India ASPIRE

Thanal Serve India:Aspire flagship programme select drop out children’s from our field states with consent. Our micro learning schools conduct class to them with their respective state syllabus. We have highly trained teachers to build psychosocial impact along with academic excellence. Through this we equip and motivate children to learn and unlearn and then reach to their potential. Upon achieving his or her learning targets, the children will be then sent back to state school to his or her respective classes.

We are thus an intermediaire between drop out children and state school. We are thus skill developers . We are thus educators. We are thus promoters of back to school concept. We are thus aiming to educate and empower every rural child. We are assisting every rural village to improve their literacy and resilience. For this we are building a chain of micro learning schools in every village.


1. Delhi - Okhla & Shiv Vihar
2. Andhra Pradesh - Mannasamudram, Yanadhi Colony & Chandragiri
3. Karnataka - Marthahalli Slum &  Avalahalli Slum
4. West Bengal - Murshidabad- MLC 1 : master para, MLC 2 : chadhohara para (uthar para) & MLC 3 : Ahiron math para
5. Bihar - Lakhna, Kareem Nagar, Dubaily, Garhara & Bakheria
7. Assam- a)Two centers in Nalbari District : Kaplabari (west kajashashar) & Bhelakhaity Char (Island). B) Two centers in Guwahati: Shijubari Notboma slam area & Sundarban Nagar Slam area.

9. Maharashtra- lalkhadi (Amravati)

8. Kerala- Wayanadu

Serve India ASPIRE

Mission and vision

“Create an environment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity to have sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

A place to call home, not only for old people suffering from diseases like cancer and disabilities like autism and spasticity...

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