Dialysis Centre Resource Collection

Date : 11/04/2020 and 12/04/2020

Chairman's words       Thanal has started stand-alone dialysis centre in 2011 and currently operates more than 30 centres to provide dialysis services to the poor and needy patients. Thanal dialysis centres always wanted to address the untoward growing need for the life-saving procedure. The centres aim at accessing dialysis services by every needy patients in the community. The novel model of community particpation and engagement has driven evry effort of Thanal to the next level. The samaritan community has taken these efforts as their responsibilty. Resource pooling and collection from the community aims at finding funding support to operate the dialysis centres. The community support and involvement in managing the dialysis centres had helped thousands of beneficiaries to sustain their lives. Thanal believes and hoping to make this resource collections efforts successful and beneficial to the needy poor patients in the community.