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From Despair To Resilience

Bangalore: Sridevi (name not real), a 32-year-old from Bangalore, faced devastating hardships after her husband abandoned her during pregnancy, leading to the loss of her twin babies. Left destitute and despairing, she found refuge at Thanal Grandma Home ECRC in Bangalore. Under Dr. Ramya’s care, her health improved remarkably. With the support of social worker Divya K. S, she found employment in the city, and reconnected with her estranged family. Their reunion marked a profound moment of joy, symbolizing hope and resilience. Thanal Grandma Home’s compassionate aid extending the warmth of care, comfort and hope in Sridevi’s iron-willed journey through the testing times and atrocious challenges of life’s adversities exemplifies the transformative power of its committed actions in embracing the weak and vulnerable sections.