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Mission Udupi to Chennai

Udupi: Mr. Prabha Vasan, a nomad, was discovered in Udupi. He had been benefiting from our Hunger-Free World project for several months. Originally from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, he was grappling with mental health challenges. When our coordinator first encountered him, they obtained basic information, including his name and address. Mr. Vasan expressed a strong desire to return to his home in Chennai. In response, our coordinator swiftly mobilized efforts, reaching out to the Thanal team in Chennai to initiate a search for his family. Simultaneously, arrangements were made to secure Mr. Vasan and admit him to Thanal Snehaveedu in Kannur. With support from both the Thanal and Malabar regional teams in Udupi, he was successfully admitted to Thanal Snehaveedu. On the same day, our Chennai team found his family near Mareena beach. He has a wife and two children. When we informed them that we found their father in Udupi, they were overjoyed and expressed their strong desire for him to return home. After three days, we made all arrangements for their family reunion and discharged him from Thanal Snehaveedu, shifting him to his own home in Chennai with the Chennai Thanal team. At that time, his two children were at school for exams, and When they finally embraced, tears of joy flowed, and they were grateful to be together again.