Thanal Home Kodagu Karnataka

The road leading to Mysore from Mananthavadi in Wayanad is naturally beautiful and aesthetically appealing.

Still, there are some sights which are really unpleasant – the sights of the huts dwelled by and are teemed with poverty-stricken human lives…

Some are thrown away into the streets. There are no rehabilitation centers here. According to the statistical data published by the Social Welfare Department of Coorg, there are hundreds of street-dwellers. Majority of them are diseased. 

The home for lots of homeless people abandoned in the streets was set up by THANAL as per the necessity of such an abode intimated by the social workers in Coorg region. Seven diseased inmates were admitted in the temporary residence formed by THANAL. These destitute men and women are experiencing peace and protection. Their street life under the sky roof engulfed in fright and malady has started to catch betterment at THANAL. 

Still, there are lots of destitute souls deserted in the streets in the doleful condition of diseases and destitution. THANAL wishes to raise a new big building with all required and advanced facilities for taking care of the poor and doleful human lives in Coorg. The social workers and the public in the region are putting their genuine endeavors and keeping their fingers crossed for a new THANAL Home which will wipe away every tear from the eyes of the poor, suffering people.