Vocational Rehab for Destitute

Vocational rehabilitation for destitute has been developed to assist physically abled persons in our destitute homes in finding some sort of economic activity that may also lead to their financial independence and economic security. The employment stipulations rely on the applicant’s abilities, preferences, and talents, as well as the market’s existing opportunities. The active economic […]

Child Development Centre

People with disabilities often have limited access to public services, employment, advocacy, and job opportunities. To address this, children with disabilities need guidance and support at various stages of their lives and as early as possible. Families with disabled children may find it difficult to care for them due to inadequate information and lack of […]

Vocational Rehab for Differently Abled

Vocational Rehab for Disabled has been launched with a view to creating a society inclusive of persons with disabilities, enabling them to meet job and livelihood requirements. There are no notable projects or development initiatives that address this potential need for livelihood and employ-ability strategies for people with disabilities. We provide training and job placements […]

HIV Provincial Program

The project is committed to promoting social inclusion and overall development of marginalized communities, including those affected by HIV and third gender communities, with a view towards creating a more equitable world. By prioritizing their well-being and fostering equal voice, rights, opportunities, and dignified living, the project seeks to empower and uplift these communities.

Feed the Needy

Our ‘Feed the Needy Kitchens’ initiative is a community-driven effort that prepares free, wholesome and nutritious meals for street dwellers in metropolitan cities across India, with the support of civil society. We not only cater to their basic sustenance needs, but also provide psycho-socio support to ensure their welfare and development. Through our holistic approach, […]

Housing & Water

The Housing and Water project focuses on providing safe and secure homes, as well as equitable access to clean drinking water for rural communities in India. The primary objective of this initiative is to promote physical health through access to hygienic facilities, clean drinking water, and improved nutrition. Our efforts aim to mitigate the negative […]

Orphan Family Care

We initiated this project  with the notion of helping widowed women and children who have lost their parent/(s). This program is designed as a non-institutional care and holistic support system. The idea is to provide basic income for women, enabling the less robust economic sectors to participate in socioeconomic growth.

Destitute Homes

Destitute homes run by Thanal offer comprehensive rehabilitation services to the poor, homeless, and destitute in India. In addition to providing shelter, the homes also offer medical care, psychological/psychiatric therapy, livelihood support, and more. The goal of these services is to help residents rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.