Academy for Rehabilitation Studies

Our substantial work in the rehabilitation area has revealed the necessity to emphasis greater growth and resource accessibility in the industry. The discipline of rehabilitation only has a small number of resources and prospects for growth worldwide. Given this, we proposed the idea of Rehab University, the first institution of its kind in India, with […]

School for Children with Disability

Individuals with special needs are often subject to lower expectations in the eyes of the general public. Nonetheless, it is imperative that families place a high value on the education of children with disabilities. The establishment of special schools that concentrate on the comprehensive socio-psychological development of these individuals is crucial to fostering greater acceptance […]

Micro-Learning Centres for Dropouts

We launched Micro Learning Centres as an ambitious nationwide project to empower and transform the social structures of marginalized communities via education. We act as a bridge between state schools and dropout children, advocating for the back-to-school idea and setting up a network of micro-learning institutions in each town to ensure improved literacy and resilience. […]